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We offer a place of comfort, relaxation, tranquillity, and peace.

Dr.Shiney Joseph is a fully qualified Ayurvedic Doctor practicing Ayurvedic & Beuty treatments in London for last 15 years now moved to Aylesbury and started Kerala Ayurveda Spa.

Dr. Shiney is highly specialised in treating neurological disorders & disc problems, frozen shoulder, Sciatica, Back Pain, Head Ace, Migraine, Sleeplessness, Arthritis, Hormone imbalances and stress related conditions.

Ayurvedic Medicine (Ayurveda in short Ayur means life, Veda mean knowledge) is one of the oldest holistic (whole body) healing system developed in India more than 3000 years ago based on the belief that health and wellness depend on a delicate balance between mind body and spirit.

Ayurvedic Medicine believe that health problems happen when the three basic elements Vatha, Pitta, Kapha are in out of balance and it’s aim is to bring the 3 basic forces into harmony which provide increased energy & well being, decreased stress, prevent & cure disease.

Kerala Ayurveda SPA is primarily concerned with disease prevention, cure, and rejuvenation (Rasayana). Ayurveda is an ideal complement to western medicine in the treatment of skin problems, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, arthritis, irritable bowel syndrome, obesity, diabetes, infertility, and mental disorders.

Our focus is to offer practical advice through consultation on diet and lifestyle, aiming to restore or improve one’s health through massage, immunity enhancing treatments, Panchakarma (body purification) and the use of organic herbal supplements. Our objective is to teach individuals how to create and maintain balance in their body and mind by providing safe, effective and authentic organic Ayurvedic medicines and therapies.

We aspire to bring joy to our patients as only a healthy body, mind and spirit can experience. Kerala Ayurveda SPA is run by a fully accredited and qualified Ayurveda practitioner.

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